• Policy

    DemoKrats want to change towards an improved society, including better justice, ensuring domestic self-possession, providing for the common defence, promoting the general well-being and quality of life of the people, and securing the liberty of ourselves and for our future generations, establishing a new type of politics called DemoKracy – as a manifesto which this better society can be built.


    • True democracy, providing the community people want
    • Expand civil liberty replacing woke with common sense
    • Medical care for all, with all budgets being allocated to people so the money is always there and facilities are fundable for when they’re needed
    • End Wars through a stronger UN
    • Champion a strong diverse society, with a better quality of life for all


    • The use of the planet without its degradation
    • More resource management to reduce waste
    • Reduce emissions, by using DWC (dynamic wireless charging)
    • Provide housing using air-space development
    • Buy British to reduce air miles
    • Make British Standards law, so everyone knows they will get what they pay for


    • Revitalise our economy; it’s called Reconomics, the actual and full introduction of the circular economy so that nothing is wasted and there’s more to go around
    • Reducing taxes by reducing the size of the government
    • Reward companies with ethical trading
    • Bring down prices on public transport
    • Increase solar power production from solar panels on roofs

    You SEE sensibility is what you get when you mix sense & responsibility

    It is the fundamental ability to take rational decisions without supervision, be accountable for one’s own actions, to be a responsible adult. But all the MPs, Tory, Labour, LibDem, SNP and even the Greens have no plan for the future; they don’t even understand self-control.

    So, DemoKrats are for you and plan to go forward together to a better country

    Then send abroad true democracy abroad for generally a better world