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    Society, Environment, Economy – SEE the difference

    Building a Real centre Democracy party for all – designed around common-sense

    Yes, it’s that time, a time to replace the nonsense of old worn-out political parties that have become arrogant, incompetent or just plain spiteful. Of course, some policies on the left are good, some on the right are good, even some LibDem and SNP policies are good, and many Green policies are good. But let’s all be sensible; politicians should be responsible and check with people first, before supporting or even using these policies to run society. It’s just not good enough anymore to let the MPs vote on our behalf on whatever is put in front of them in Parliament and then expect them to represent us in a way that meets our needs. First, who writes the contents of the laws they vote on and how much consultation takes place? Well, the writers are the lawyers and there is no consultation with people. So, something’s gotta change – DemoKrats are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore. We want our representation back.

    Our objective

    • Is to make everyone feel they are a member of the successful system.
    • To deliver peace, freedom and prosperity for all.
    • To Guarantee health care, housing, good education and a great quality of life.
    • So, the silly political games are over and let’s improve everything by being mature competent adults.
    • If everyone wants this, the only question is the best way to achieve it.

    Our plan:

    • Working towards a considerate society – success through kindness
    • Healthy environment – doing no harm and
    • Productive economy – implementing reconomics “the circular economy”

    As parents, there is only one choice: allowing our children to have a great time today and look forward to a healthy future. As it is today, that is not going to happen. If we leave the current system in operation, there will be water, food, housing, medical care, education, transport, etc shortages within 30 years. Voting DemoKrat will not mean solving all the global problems, but it will mean that the national and domestic issues can be considered rationally. At some point, this will be achieved by stopping the political battles created and perpetuated by political parties simply to get your vote. Let’s make that sooner rather than later by demanding that the country is run well.

    DemoKrats want a thoughtful, vigorous and more affluent country a place where everyone can thrive.

    With Real DemoKrats – you will SEE this difference