Has Representation Democracy failed?

Each time we have a vote in both national Parliamentary PM elections and Local Government Councillor elections, you get a choice of a number of parties, perhaps an Independent. They compile a series of policies derived from within their party and then they set about selling these polices to you and the currency is your vote. Your vote for them enables them to vote on your behalf from either their own perspective or for their party, possibly even ‘whipped’.

We suggest that this is wrong and wish to see a system where, you are asked what you would like to be done. Elected MP’s or Councillor’s would then be tasked to carry out the majority view and to that end they would be accountable. Much like so many of us our in our everyday jobs and careers.

Progress on this new democracy is underway and soon you will have your change to participate in a system that represents the true view of the majority.

Voting will open soon and the question is simple.

Should MPs and Councillors ask you how they should vote, then report the conclusion? Yes or No.

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